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Monday, September 7, 2015

A Beautiful Crescendo

My little Holland,

You are going to kindergarten tomorrow.   When we had to decide if we wanted to add to our family of four, the answer for me was always yes.  I knew that you were out there, and I just had to bring you into our lives.  I will never say you made it easier, but I will always say you made it better.   You were the crescendo to the twilight of my years parenting young children.  Your childhood has been a gift to me as a mother.  You let me experience it all over again- birth, nursing, exhaustion, frustration, joy, laughter and wonder.  You are so funny (your faces, your expressions, the way you dance).  You are so sweet. (Your tender heart, the way you crave touch and caresses, the way you pull my hair and tell me you love me, like you did just today).  I haven’t wished away your childhood.  I get it now.  I see how fast it goes.  The thumb sucking, asking for help to do things you could do by yourself, the incorrect grammar… all of it is so fleeting and so dear to me.  I know that soon I won’t be “Mommy.”  Soon, you’ll want to read yourself a bedtime story.  All too soon, you will not need me to help you much at all.  You will keep growing up.  And so on the eve of the day that will introduce you to a whole new life experience, I went for a run and listened to all your favorite songs.  I made myself be aware of who you are and what you have brought to my life. I made myself think about how my life will be different with no littles at home during the day- coffee and lunches for one.  Quiet.  No one interrupting me to ask for help or asking me if I want to play babies.  I will have the life that, in some ways, I have been craving for years and years.  But how lucky am I that I got to have those days with you.  You brought a few more years of blessed chaos to my life.  Your presence, inconvenient and even annoying at times, forced me to put someone else first.  To be patient and to choose another's needs over my own.  I will miss you.  But I know I can’t keep you.  I get it now.  Parenting is so beautiful and messy and drawn-out and fleeting and dear.  I see in you, a little girl who is sweet and kind, and strong willed and smart and ready for something new.  You will be great.  I will be fine.  I might even be great!  I will always be your mommy and you will always be my baby.  And I will eternally be thankful for the crescendo that you have brought to this stage of my life.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Last Day

Today was the last day of school for the Bigs.  This means it was the last day for Holland and I to spend the day together.  It felt like the end of an era, and it was.  After this summer, all of my children will be in school.  What?!?  Time is so funny.  So fast and so slow all at once.  

Today, for our last day of this era, we walked in a bubble parade, ate multiple popsicles and climbed rocks together.  A good day.  


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall 2014

We've been having the most beautiful fall.  Simply gorgeous, intoxicatingly beautiful days.  One after another.  

It has call caused an interesting inner conflict for me.  We are trying to paint as much of the exterior of our house as possible before the snow and cold make it impossible, so with all of the beautiful weather, I feel like I need to be outside, working.  However, of course when it's fall in the midwest, there is so much outside fun to be had!  I am torn between getting work done, and making fall memories with the kids.  We have definitely had to sacrifice a little on both ends.  

Yesterday was another one of those days.  P.E.R.F.E.C.T weather.  A yard FULL of leaves.  TWO adorable daughters.  Our compromise was to rake the yard, and then reward ourselves with smoothies and the park.  I got all of the leaves raked (well, of course not ALL of them, but 17 bags worth, anyways).  We got our smoothies and drank them in the sunken garden of our favorite park.  The girls put on shows for me atop of the garden walls, and I just drunk them and the day right up.

More pictures from our Fall 2014 (so far!)

Last week we grabbed pizza and pop (oh my!) and ate at a park.  

I was absolutely IN LOVE with the backdrop of those trees.  I tried coaxing the kids to take a picture together for me, but of course it ended up with them fighting and me grumpy.  Holland was willing to give me a pose :)

While Lance and my Fisher hunted, the girls and I enjoyed an afternoon at the Outdoor Campus

I painted my chicken coop!  Lance still needs to finish the trim.... but the pretty blue door makes up for it.  

Fisher and his buddies before their final flag-football game.  They had a great season- winning 6 out of 7 games!

My mom and dad moved to Sioux Falls last week!  His game was the first of many happy memories ahead with them in town.